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About Me.

I'm Jakeline Correa, a personal trainer passionate about what I do and dedicated to transforming lives through physical activity. Born in Brazil and currently working in Kuwait, I am honored to help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthier and more balanced life.

My journey into the world of fitness started with my own quest for wellness and a more active life. This experience made me realize how much I could help others to do the same. With empathy and enthusiasm, I dedicate myself to understanding the needs and desires of each client, creating personalized workouts that adapt perfectly to their lifestyle and personal goals.

I believe that each person has a unique potential, and my commitment is to unlock that potential so that everyone can become the best version of themselves. Over the years, I've witnessed incredible transformations in my clients, and it's this realization that motivates me to continue working with passion and dedication every day.

Welcome to my website! Here you will find information about the services I offer, inspiring success stories and helpful tips for your journey towards a healthier and more balanced life. I look forward to meeting you and helping you discover the benefits of an active lifestyle. Let's go on this walk together!



Bachelor of Physical Education, specialist in Mechanics of Movements

Federal University of Brazil

During my years of study, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in several areas related to physical training, health and well-being. In addition to my academic background, I also specialize in Movement Mechanics, a field that studies the analysis and optimization of human movements during exercise and physical activities.

My specialization in Movement Mechanics has allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of biomechanics and exercise physiology, enabling me to design efficient and safe workouts for my clients. This training also assists me in identifying and correcting inappropriate movement patterns, anticipating injury risk, and managing my students' performance.

The combination of my solid academic background and my specialization in Mechanics of Movements makes me a highly qualified and competent professional, capable of creating personalized and effective training programs that meet the specific needs of each client, always prioritizing health and well-being. at all stages of the process.






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